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Welcome to the Parental Advocate, dedicated to creating the very best advocate for your child. That advocate is you the concerned parent that knows them and their special education needs the best.

The site is dedicated to helping parents and concerned family members to understand the Special Education system, the laws governing services for Special Education and IEPs for their children, and how to work within the system to obtain the services the child requires to deal with the learning disability and the system is required to provide.

IEPs, also known as Individual Education Plans, can be intimidating, but they do not have to be. An IEP is designed to be flexible and, most of all, individual. It is to be designed to help deal with a specific handicap or learning disabiltity. You should find several great examples here and, most of all, get some great ideas for taking care of your child. We have some rather extensive resources available, so if you have a question ask it, and we will try our very best to find a workable answer just for you.

We have found that one of the most frightening phrases a parent can hear is "we want to test your child for a learning disiability>" Don't you want to know what this means? Sure you do.Need to Define the Disability?

What are the 10 things you must do BEFORE AN IEP meeting? How do you Advocate for your learning disabled child? And of course, "what are the 10 best ways to advocate for your child?" All of these issues are important to us, the parents, and finding answers is NOT easy! But we want to make it easier for you.

We will be developing a newsletter very shortly to search out relevant articles and information, for you the parental advocate to use in meeting your child's Special Education needs. If you would like a copy, please, email me at jim@theparentaladvocate.com. We promise we will never release your mailing address to anyone outside of our site.

Please, remember, we are not here to sell you anything, this site is borne out of passion for children with learning disabilities, handicaps and special education needs, and an honest desire to help you, the advocate for your special needs child. Whether the topic is IEPs, accomodations, 504 plans or even treatments, we want to be your best and most comprehensive source of information for helping advocate for your child.

Whether the issue that comes up is getting homework done or difficulty in beginning to read, we can help.

Special Education laws, IEP plans, accomodations for handicaps or learning disabilities are all very personal and complex issues. We believe that an informed parent is the best special needs advocate for a child and we want to be your resource. Share your experiences, learn from others' experiences in dealing with the special education system in our schools.

Check back often, please, it gets better from here!

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